Key to a successful removal - Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Key to a successful moveAs with most things in life the key to a successful removal is preparation whether it is across town, Europe or the World.

Select a reputable moving company who has the correct experience and knowledge. To obtain a quote as opposed to an estimate, you should always ask for a pre-move survey to be carried out. This is generally offered by all reputable removal companies free of charge. In this way, the removal company can obtain the required information with regard to the size of your move and discuss any issues you have face-to-face. Your mover should be able to give advice on packing, type and amount of packing materials required and vehicle size, to shipping and up to date customs information for all household effects including cars. All good moving companies will have a moving check list which will provide you with a count down to your moving day.

Any removal company worth considering should have trained packing and removal staff, they should also have the necessary equipment to move heavy items such as pianos. For European and Overseas destinations your mover should be able to arrange for storage at either at origin or destination and provide an unpacking and removal of debris service once the consignment is delivered.

When moving, you should always seek insurance cover be it through the moving company, under a house contents policy or some other source but do not make the mistake of under insuring as this will only end in tears.

Moving in itself is not stressful, it is everything else that goes with it that cause stress. The moving company is there to try and make your big day as easy as possible, allow us to do what we do best, that is pack your household, load correctly, transport and deliver.